Number of Teachers taking sickness absence*

0 %

Percentage of Teachers who took sickness absence*


Days sick per Teacher taking sickness absence*

£ 0

(Primary School)

£ 0

(Secondary School)

The cost of sickness absence per employee**

What can we offer?

Pre-employment screening

Sickness absence referral

Health surveillance

Full range of vaccinations, including flu

Ill health retirement

Health education and promotion

Employee Assistance Programmes

  • Reduced sickness absence
  • Increased workforce wellbeing
  • Appointment information and email/text reminders
computer navy
  • Bespoke management system
  • Dedicated schools portal
  • Quick and easy referrals
  • Secure encrypted electronic records
contract management
  • Dedicated school liason officer and administration
  • Up to the minute online case tracking
  • Competitive pricing