Health Surveillance

Heales provides a full range of Health Surveillance services specific to your requirements. These can be delivered either on site at your workplace or from one of our regional offices across the UK. The links on the right provide further details for a selection of health surveillance offered.

A number of questionnaire based health surveillance activities are provided as a secure online service with automatic report completion if there are no health issues. These can also be included as part of the pre-employment process.

We advise clients on what types of health surveillance is required according to job risks or as a result of a job assessment. We provide an easy online referral service with additional e-mail, phone, fax or post referrals. Based on the type of health surveillance we will set up a recall case which will automatically notify the referring manager(s) when the next health surveillance is due. Our management system will automatically review forthcoming health surveillance  for an employee to minimise appointments. Where there are multiple requirements within an area Occupational Health will liaise with the employer to minimise service disruption.

A basic report of assessment undertaken and next date of assessment is provided online (or as required) to the referring manager(s). Where a health issue is identified an appointment with Occupational Health will be offered and Management Advice issued as per a Management Referral.

To discuss your specific requirements or to provide you with a quote for Occupational Health provision on a regular basis or as a one off, please do not hesitate to give us a ring or click here to enquire and we will be happy to assist.