Environmental Pledge


Every member of the Heales Group is committed to achieving net zero before 2030. We have been working on reducing our carbon footprint for over 20 years, as we recognised the impact we were having on the planet as humans and the threat of increasing carbon in the atmosphere pushing temperatures up creating climate change many years ago.

We are registered with the Business Climate Hub and are actively working on improving the measurement of our carbon footprint through tools such as the business calculator on carbonbfootprint.com. We strive to conduct our activities in an environmentally-sustainable manner, taking into consideration the complex and interconnected relationship of our ecosystem.

Heales Medical is committed to compliance with all applicable governmental requirements and internal environmental, health, and safety (EHS) requirements. We maintain management systems designed to ensure compliance, and which support integration of EHS considerations into our business processes. We have designed our Environmental Management System in line with ISO14005/ ISO14001 with a view to seeking accreditation in 2023 following our standards compliance plan.

Heales Medical is committed to the protection of human health and prevention of pollution. We strive to identify and eliminate negative EHS impacts associated with our facilities, activities, services, and products throughout their life cycle.

We commit to continual improvement of our EHS management systems and performance and will strive to achieve industry leadership. We establish EHS objectives and targets, conduct regular management systems and performance evaluations, and periodically report on our performance to our employees, our customers, and the public.

Heales Medical will foster dialogue with interested parties, including our employees, suppliers and the public, and be responsive to their EHS concerns and suggestions. We will share information and openly communicate about our EHS management systems and performance and the impacts of our activities, services, and products.

All directors/designated partners have the primary responsibility for implementing this policy, allocating resources, and establishing and supporting EHS programs. Management at all levels will take actions to ensure that all employees understand the meaning and the importance of this policy. Employees are responsible for integrating EHS considerations into their work activities.


This policy covers all employees, partners, contractors and agents together with any other individual working for or on behalf of H M Partnership LLP, Heales Business Services Ltd, Heales Enterprises Ltd or any other company or organisation working formally or informally as part of the Heales Medical or Heales Group

This policy covers all aspects of the Organisation’s business cycle including procurement, processing and sales. The policy covers all departments within the organisation and includes those working across businesses and on behalf of any business within the organisation. All supplier organisations are required to meet the standards set out in this policy and the Organisation will consider the working practices of its customers and at all times promote the principles set out in this policy.

Environmental strategy

Our key objective is to harmonise the goals and strategies of our organisation with sound environmental practice and in keeping with all applicable environmental regulations.

We shall achieve our goals:

  • By integrating environmental considerations into all business operations.

  • By ensuring that all assessments and decisions are found with consideration to the environment.

  • By recognising the need to conduct internal environmental reviews on a periodic basis and to measure our operational activities against our environmental goals.

  • By training and educating our staff to perform in an environmentally responsible manner.

  • By supporting the development of acceptable products and services designed to promote the protection of the environment, where there is a sound business rationale.

  • By encouraging open and active dialogue relating to environmental management with both clients and other relevant audiences.

  • By providing, within our capacity, open dialogue and correct information relating to a sustainable development.

  • By minimizing the use of harmful substances and waste product

  • By minimizing energy consumption

  • By maximizing recycling

Complying with environmental laws and protecting the environment is a corporate-wide responsibility. Management at each location is expected to accept this responsibility. Employees at all levels are expected to fulfill this responsibility within the context of their particular assignments and to cooperate in related programs.

Practical measures

To support our environmental strategy we will:-

  • Utilize an approved list of ‘green’ suppliers who comply with ISO14001 (the ICER (Industry Council for Electronic Equipment Recycling) directory of equipment recyclers provides links to responsible manufacturers).

  • Recycle of all printer toner and toner cartridges

  • Recycle batteries, CD-Roms, disposable cups

  • Purchase recycled office stationary

  • Purchase uniforms which wash at lower temperatures

  • Reduce waste by reducing unnecessary printing/copying

  • Use long life light bulbs, and as much natural light as possible through good office layout

  • Switch off machinery when not in use or at night (except for critical servers)

  • Ensure that all office equipment, including computers have energy saving hardware/software functioning

  • Maintain recycling bins for paper, plastic, cans etc.

  • Ensure all non-recyclable waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way and in accordance with statutory legislation

  • Measure our environmental success through annual audit

  • Encourage employees/customers/suppliers to suggest improvements in our policies, or implementation (all quality improvement suggestions are tracked via the computerised internal system)

E Swanton 07/2022