NHS GP and Dentists

We are a specialist Occupational Health company who provide Occupational Health to Primary Care services such as GP and Dentist practices across NHS England South and NHS England London. We are not a part of NHS England London and medical advice is completely impartial. We offer flexible, tailor-made solutions to reduce sickness absence rates and improve overall health and wellbeing supported by dedicated resources and an advanced secure online management system.

If your GP/Dentist practice or Primary Care Service does not come under NHS England South or NHS England London we can still provide you with a full range of Occupational Health Services. Please contact sales@heals.com for more information.

What can we offer?

A dedicated GP/Dentist portal for easy online referrals

Pre-Employment Screening

Sickness Absence Referral

Ill Health Retirement

Health Surveillance

Full range of Vaccinations

Blood/ Urine Tests

Health Education and Promotion

Advice and Support

Training and Development

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP)


  • Reduced sickness absence
  • Increased Workforce Wellbeing
  • Counselling Support Services
  • Bespoke Online Management System
  • Dedicated Portal for Practices
  • Quick and easy online referrals
  • Secure encrypted electronic records
  • Dedicated Occupational Health team
  • Notifications and information sent to managers via secure email link
  • Competitive Pricing

How does it work?

From 1st December 2017, NHS England reorganised the way funding works for Occupational Health Services for GP and Dentist practices. Heales Medical offer schedule 3 and schedule 2 services to NHS England London and all schedules to NHS England South.

nhs schedule table-cropped