How to Refer

Health problems, of whatever nature, may affect attendance at work and work performance. If a manager has any concerns about the effects of work on an employee’s health, or the effects of a health problem on an employee’s performance or attendance at work, referral to Occupational Health can provide clear, impartial and professional advice.

The Occupational Health assessment can be conducted face to face or over the telephone, depending on the circumstances.

Occupational Health Advisor’s and Physicians are experienced, qualified specialists and they are concerned with the promotion of health and prevention of ill health in employees.

It is about managing the effect of the work environment on health and the effect of health on work and where appropriate, advising on reasonable adjustments and adaptations to a person’s job or workplace to be considered by managers. It is then up to your manager to consider this advice and decide whether it is practical or feasible to put these adjustments and adaptations in place.

Why would you want to refer someone?

The usual reasons for referrals to Occupational Health are:

• Consider what adaptations and adjustments might be provided to assist in their return to work

• Provide independent advice to your manager to assist in the management of sickness absence

• Support the employee in the delivery of their work

If you have any questions on how to refer, please do not hesitate to give us a ring, or message us through the Contact Us page.