Appointment Information

Your appointment with Occupational Health

If you have received an email with an appointment offer, please read the information on this page or watch the video below so you know everything you need to know for your appointment.

Please remember- for your appointment you must bring a form of photo ID

You may accept or decline this appointment, by following the link provided in your email. If you wish to decline the appointment, you will need to provide details of your availability to allow us to re-arrange.

If you do not use the link provided or you do not contact Occupational Health via telephone or email, we will assume that you are attending the appointment offered. 

If you have not notified us within 3 working days of your appointment that you are unable to attend, either you or your employer/University will be subject to a non-attendance charge. 

Please try to arrive/be available promptly at the time of your appointment, as if you are late, the OH practitioner may not be able to see you.

If this appointment has been arranged as telephone, we will call you on the number your manager provided. Please note that you will receive a call from a withheld number. If you have blocked unknown numbers please unblock these calls until after your appointment.

If the appointment has been arranged as video you will be sent a link to the video meeting, via email, on the day of your appointment. 

We are currently prioritising video and telephone appointments to protect the environment and minimise infection risk however we are still undertaking essential face to face appointments e.g. vaccinations and blood tests.

If your appointment is face to face please read the infection information carefully, which can be found when accessing the Accept/Decline link provided in your appointment offer email.

It is essential that you have proof of ID available during your appointment. This can be in the form of a photo driving licence, passport or another alternative e.g. NHS ID card. We will be unable to go ahead with your appointment if we are unable to confirm your identity.

The Occupational Health (OH) Department is an independent service, whose goal is to maintain the health and well-being of all employees. The OH practitioner will assess your fitness to carry out the work that you do. This could mean completing a medical questionnaire and/or undergoing a medical assessment. It may also be necessary for the OH practitioner to contact your GP or other specialists; who have provided treatment to you in the past, to gain a full insight into your medical history. This will make the fitness for work assessment more accurate. No external medical records will be requested by OH without your consent.

Your employer will receive a report outlining your fitness for work. This report contains no specific medical details, just an assessment of your medical capability to perform your duties. The OH practitioner will discuss the fitness for work report with you at the appointment, before it is released to your employer.

Your OH medical records are stored securely by the OH department and will not be accessed by anyone other than authorised OH staff. The storage and maintenance of your records is subject to the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you wish to ask for a copy of part or all of your Occupational Health record, please contact Occupational Health via email.

If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask the OH practitioner. They can offer advice and support on a range of issues.

If you leave a message to Counsellor or Occupational Health, please leave your full name, a contact telephone number, your employer’s name and the case number which is included in the e-mail body or subject. 

Heales Medical is committed to providing accessible services to all our clients. If you have a disability or require any specific accommodations to assist you during your appointment, please let us know. We are here to ensure that your visit is comfortable and that your needs are adequately met. For any queries or to discuss arrangements for access, please contact us directly at Tel: 03333 449089 or via email at 

Tel: 03333 449089